Warpgate Review: A Brilliant New WordPress Hosting Option in 2021?

If I say web hosting, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The big brands like Hostgator, Hostinger or Bluehost? The smaller ones, like Kinsta, EasyWP and DreamHost? Well, here’s one that probably won’t come to mind. In fact, you’ve probably never even heard of it before. It’s called Warpgate, and in my opinion, it’s one of the best web hosting providers on the internet. The world of web hosting is a messy one indeed, price hikes, free-for-the-first-year offers, surreptitious addition of “bonuses” at the checkout, it can be tricky to navigate and costly should you mess up or overlook something. Warpgate claims to be a solution to all of this. An honest, easy-to-use web host that won’t ever make false claims. And the price, $30.00 per year and you get a free domain for life. Yes for life. That’s an offer I’ve never seen from any host. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, let’s go take a look.

The Onboarding

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Warpgate’s site is that it doesn’t look much like any other web host. No complex pricing tables, no banners, no sign up forms demanding endless amounts of personal information. Not even a login form. There sign up form is smack in the middle of the homepage, and only wants your email address and your handle. Sign up for Warpgate.

How it Works

Well, we better explain how Warpgate works before we get started. Warpgate’s concept is purely brilliant. When you visit there website, you sign up on a .warpgate.site subdomain. You’ll than get 30 days to configure WordPress however you like. Once you’re ready, you get to upgarde to a premium domain name (.com, .net, .org, .biz or .info) where your site will live, and, as we’ve said, you get that domain free of charge.


Pricing is where Warpgate shines in the busy world of web hosting. And, in fact, it’s what makes Warpgate well, Warpgate. Unlike mainstream hosting providers, Warpgate doesn’t have an “introductory” pricing and than “regular rates”. It’s just simple $30.00 a year, any year. And, if I do say so myself, I’d say that those thirty dollars are a better rate than what most web hosts charge for there promo prices. You also get unlimited bandwith and storage, unlimited email accounts and a free SSL certificate.


Another category where Warpgate shines, simplicity. Warpgate is dedicated to making the world of web hosting easy to understand for everyone. Notice anything special? The current version of cPanel is full of junk. The email category alone has 16 elements alone, and how many do you actually plan on using. If you’re interested in what it looks like, you can take a look at cPanel’s demo. Compare that to Warpgate’s dashboard below. Yep, that’s all there is too it.

Warpgate dashboard.

And you know what I love about it? It’s directly in your WordPress dashboard. Isn’t that wonderful? It saves you time and effort. I haven’t managed to find a single other web host that provides this. What more could you want, after all. I love this, since it saves me time and effort, and makes it so much easier to use. No more Ctrl+F now!

Performance and Reliability

We all want our web host to be stable and reliable. After all, both downtime and loading time can affect how many visitors you get, and visitors mean clients, or readers. Plus, if someone arrives to an unresponsive website, what are the odds that they’ll come again. Loading speed is kind of like a first impression on the web, and you want to make sure that that first impression is a good one.

We use both Webgazer and UptimeRobot for our uptime and loading speed monitoring, since Webgazer gives you an easy to use and understand interface, but UptimeRobot gives you a much more comprehensive report. So far, Webgazer has placed our loading speed at a nice and stable 1.193s average and 99.67% uptime, but we will be sure to update those figures as time passes.


In my opinion, no self-respecting website should use a Gmail address to communicate. And consequently, any self-respecting web host should offer a custom domain email account for there clients to use. Warpgate does, in fact, offer unlimited email accounts. To create an email account, go down to the Warpgate dashboard in your WP admin. Type in your username and password, and hit that nice create a mailbox link. It will take a moment or two for your email address to actually appear in the list, so don’t spam the button, or you’ll end up with a lot of the same email addresses. Once you’re account is created, click webmail access and log in with the details you’ve provided. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it’s not Roundcube. In fact, it doesn’t look anything like Roundcube, or any webmail interface you’ve ever seen. It’s kind of tricky to get ahold of, but most people usually get used to new interfaces pretty quickly.

Warpgate's email interface. Powered by SOGo.

You can look around, send emails, open emails, read emails and everything else that you should be able to do with a normal webmail (like Roundcube). Maybe I just can’t accept new things, or develop sentimental bonds to peices of software, since SOGo (the Warpgate email interface) really isn’t all that bad. However, I’d love to hear your spin on SOGo webmail and Roundcube, my personal favorite.


Support, unfortunately, isn’t one of Warpgate’s strong points, and you can’t really blame them either. After all, they only have one or two employees. The Warpgate support team has been pretty friendly in our experience, but the main problem is there response time. While most mainstream hosts take around a few hours, some even instantly, to reach back out to you, Warpgate generally takes between one and two days. There support team only supports email contact, no live chat, support tickets or phone calls.

However, once the support team get’s back to you, they’re always very efficient, kind and helpful. We’ve contacted them twice, the first time, we asked about bandwith and storage limitations. The team got back to us within a day, reassuring us that as long as your numbers stayed within reason, there weren’t any, which is the standard for most webhosts anyways. The second time was regarding a malfunction right after we registered our domain. This time, they took a little under two days to get back to us, although, once they did, they quickly fixed our problem and got our site running very quickly. And, as a token, they even refunded us half of our subscription payment. How could we not love them?


  • Creating a brand new website takes pretty much less than a minute and little to know technical knowledge.
  • You have 30 days to work on your website without needing your bank card
  • Your dashboard is easy to navigate and simple to use.
  • You get a free custom domain for life with a quite decent list of options.
  • The pricing is transparent and straightforward, with no hidden price hikes, and much cheaper than mainstream hosting options.
  • The support team is helpful, friendly, and all-around very nice.


  • You don’t get as much control as a standard host, since you don’t have cPanel access.
  • Support is only available by email, no live chat or phone.
  • You can only use WordPress, no Joomla, Drupal or HTML.
  • The dashboard is minimalist, so you won’t get access to all of those fancy features that some devs may want.

If you’re an absolute beginner, we have a beginner’s tutorial on how to create your very own WordPress website, step-by-step. We’d appreciate if any other Warpgate users let us know how your experience was with them.

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  1. Hi guys, need some help here. I am using warpgate, but there is absolutely no support. They don’t reply to emails since long time ago.
    How did you get a hold on them? I have registered a domain with them, now there is no way to access it


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