The Best 7 Instant Approval Ad Networks

Getting approved for an ad network isn’t easy. All major 3 advertising networks (Adsense, and Infolinks) manually review each website before allowing them into the network, and a lot of smaller ones do the same. And it can be tricky to be approved, especially for websites that don’t comply with the terms of service, which say no illegal or questionable content, so, joining an ad network with instant approval may be tempting.

Should You Join an Instant Approval Ad Network?

Good question. My recommendation is that as long as you have high quality and acceptable content, no. Instant approval ad networks generally have both questionable publishers and questionable advertisers. But, if you have a site that won’t get approved by these ad networks, than perhaps instant approval ad networks are an interesting possibility. However, as long as you have content that Adsense will tolerate, remain calm and patient, and keep creating quality content until you are approved.


Adsterra is a newer ad network, and offers instant approval. Well, maybe not instant, since it takes 2-3 minutes before they let you in, but that still counts. They do have a lot of different placements allowed, banners, popunders, native ads and so on. They also have this amazing big red A on it that’s fun to play around with.

Adsterra’s payments seem to fluctuate, depending on your geos and visitors. Your CPM (amount of money payed per 1000 impressions) will vary between as low as $0.5 to up to $30.00. I’m taking this from other sources, since while I’ve used Adsterra before, I didn’t stick with them long enough to actually get a good estimate on CPMs and CPCs.

Adsterra users get a large selection of ad types to choose from, from the traditional banner and native ads to popunders and preroll video ads.


ylliX is very curious instant approval ad network, to say the least. As you’d expect, they have instant approval, quick implementation and a selection between banners, direct links, sliders and popunders. For some reason, all the ads kept directing us towards either expired domains or a website classified by Google as “dangerous”, which later also turned out to be down.

The minimum payment threshold is as low as it can get, requiring publishers to rack up $1 before cashing out, and they pay via PayPal, or through Payoneer, at $50, or maybe even through cryptocurrency (either  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, DogeCoin or Zcash) , although the minimum payments will increase $10.

The dashboard is very dated, and there isn’t a way to keep track of individual ad units. In fact, there’s no dashboard containing your existing ad units. Instead, there’s an ad unit generator. You specify what you want, it spits out some JavaScript and you take the JavaScript and implement it. If you lose the code, it’s gone, and you’ll have to create another one.

As for ad quality, they claim to have a huge pool of massive advertisers, although if they do, it was either a long time ago, or our test website wasn’t getting enough ad impressions to qualify for them. And the icons are very old versions, so maybe that just happened a long time ago. But, in our experience, you get a pretty standard instant-approval experience, with random, generic banners that are in no way related to your content. If you want relevant ads, you should pick either Adsense or

They also have a very generous affiliate program, offering up to $100 dollars per refferal sign up plus 10% of the publisher’s revenue, which is much larger than the standard offers.


Evadav is one of the newer instant approvla ad networks. They offer popunders, inpage, push notifications and native ads. Evadav doesn’t use the CPM model, instead, you’ll get payed per action and get a share of the revenue.

During our test with Evdava, we variously saw surveys, scams and adult content. So, not a great ad network to say the least, and I’d recommend going for another instant approval ad network like ylliX, unless you’re website is in one of those niches.

As for payment, the minimum threshold is $25, and you can choose between PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, ePayments, Webmoney, Payoneer and Bank Wire, which is quite a few, and with a low minimum payment as well.


PopAds is a pop-up/pop-under ad network. Pop-under ads make a tab appear under your visitor’s main tab, which generate high CPMs, but can sometimes feel intrusive to visitors. You can also choose popup, or interstatial ads, which appear above the content until they’re closed. Again, you’ll get high CPMs, but a poor user experience.

You can accept payments via PayPal, wire transfer or Alertpay, which was shut down and seized by the US governement. PopAds’s website seems to be all but abandoned, with the last blog post dating all the way back to 2011.

PopAds is one of the oldest instant approval ad networks.

It’s important to note that while popunder ads have the potential to earn you some decent money, they’re also well used by tech support scammers, who take advantage of popunder ad networks like PopAds to get there beeping web pages tricking innocent users to calling there numbers to appear. While I’m sure there are plenty of ligitimate advertisers using PopAds, the possibility is always there. Also, keep in mind that Adsense announced that they would no longer allow publishers who used popunder ads to use there network, so be prepared.


RevenueHits is one of my favorite instant approval ad networks. Approval is instant, and they have a very good selection of different ad formats, although again I’ll say stick with the banner ads. They have a decent CPM, although the banners are pretty generic i.e. just a “Download” button, which I guess may or may not get more clicks, but I dislike them personally.

A standard ad unit from RevenueHits, one of my favorite instant approval ad networks.
A standard RevenueHits unit.

You can accept payments via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer. The CPMs are slightly lower than the industry standard, but it will vary between countries and traffic types.


If found AdCash to be a little similar to RevenueHits. They offer similar ad formats, and payments via Payoneer, WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill, bitcoin or traditional bank transfers, and the minimum payment threshold is $25, pretty low in the ad industry.

They’re ads are of acceptable quality, and CPM rates are pretty average. The dashboard feels alright, if not a little old.

Unfortuantely, you can’t manually insert the ad codes. Instead, you’ll have to insert some codes, select how aggresive you want your ads to be, and let AdCash do the work for you automatically. I personally prefer to manually insert ads so that I can have my website look the way I want it too, but if that’s your thing, Adcash may be a good option, since none of the other instant approval ad networks on this list give you auto placements.


AdShares calls itself a decentralized ad network, and allows any publisher in any niche or domain. The approval process is a little funny, since all websites are immediately approved, but are only allowed to display CPA ads, which pay you only when an action is taken through one of the ads. If you want the traditional CPM, which pays per 1000 impressions, your site will have to be manually verified.

The interesting thing about Adshares is that they claim to be decentralized, as we mentioned earlier. This essentially means that they use blockchain technologies, which take use of open ledgers to share data amongst users. They also claim to have anti-adblocking technologies, although I haven’t yet been able to manually verify this.

We also decided to apply for the CPM network, and were approved 12 hours later with 8 articles, so I feel like the criterea isn’t set to high. CPM rates are about the industry average, although the ads aren’t related to the content (although this isn’t anything new with instant approval ad networks).


Hilltop Ads is an instant approval ad network as far as I know, since we got in with our domain without any problem. Again, pretty standard instant approval stuff, with generic banners, again in now way related to the content.

They have quite a few formats to choose from, like the standard banners to spammier ones like push notificaitions and popunders. The minimum payment threshold is $50, and you can choose

Summing Up

I find the ad quality to be very low, not like Adsense and, which deliver only highly relevant contextual ads, but it’s impossible to deliver contextual ads without a massive pool of advertisers, so no hard feelings. Certain ads also contain some very questionable content, so stay safe and stay with the larger mainstream ad networks if you can.

If you can’t, perhaps because of your site’s content, or whatever the reason, than maybe consider joining one of these instant approval ad networks, or you can join a smaller ad network that does require approval, or serve your own ads using a plugin like Advanced Ads.

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